Bringing the past to you

Throughout our youth, we were constantly fascinated by the vast realm of the ancient world. After becoming fellow colleagues in high school, we began brainstorming how we could share our knowledge and passion for all things prehistoric. After graduating, our team decided to push forward upon our endeavors to pursue our mission to bring ancient natural history to the public. Over the past couple of years, we have acquired thousands of fossilized specimens from all across the state of Florida to assemble a traveling museum and other educational programs to showcase the awe-inspiring history of the Sunshine State. Our scientists, researchers, and artists have experience in fields such as field work, fossil preparation, education, wildlife handling, and more! Our goal is to make the natural history of Florida intriguing, accessible, and fun!  

Meet the team!

Aiden Rouse


Gabriel Gonzalez

Assistant Curator

Brendan Hall

3D Technician

Andrew Jennes


Salvatore Sansone

Collections Assistant

Brian Curtice


Our Affiliates