Florida Like You Have Never seen it Before!

Welcome to Florida Fossilized: A Prehistoric Frontier! We are a travelling museum service designed to bring the museum to you! Our exhibit celebrates the geologic history of the sunshine state, Florida, by showcasing its extremely rich fossil record. Explore how Florida was once a submerged landmass that arose from the depths to give life to one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems the world has ever seen! Follow in the footsteps of the time after the extinction of the dinosaurs to witness how life began to flourish both on land and in the sea and discover how the "age of mammals" shaped the world as we know it today!

Our travelling program is one of a kind and includes the following...

Authentic Specimens

Observe hundreds of real fossil specimens found throughout the state of Florida and around the world!

Modern Biofacts

Compare remains of Florida's ancient wildlife to their modern counterparts! 

Fossil Replicas

Analyze exact reproductions of some of Florida's impressive fossil discoveries! 

Mounted Skeletons

Gaze upon multiple museum quality mounted skeletal reconstructions of ancient Floridian fauna!

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